In order to provide adequate and continuous electrical service distributed fair and equal to all customers of the city, the electrical rates charged by the city for all customers shall be as follows:

(a)   Standard Rate Schedule - includes all residential and commercial customers with no demand meters.

(1)   Minimum charge   $20.00;

(2)   First 100 kWh - $0.14;

(3)   Next 100 KWh - $0.13;

(4)   All additional kWh over 200 kWh - $0.12.

(Ord. 212-2015)

Those customers of the city with three phase service shall have demand meters.  The charges will be as follows:

(a)   Demand Rate Schedule

(1)   Customer Charge - $20.00;

(2)   Demand Capacity Charge - $8.00 per demand KW;

(3)   Energy Charge - $0.094 kWh.

(Ord. 136-2006; Ord. 212-2015)

The governing body of the city has deemed it necessary to establish a charge of $25 to electrical customers of the city to pay for installing and removing equipment necessary to furnish temporary electric service.

(Ord. 80-3-18A, Sec. 1)