The property numbering map entitled “House Numbers, Mount Hope Area, dated June 1998,” is hereby adopted as the official property numbering map of the city and all property numbers assigned shall be assigned in accordance with this map, and no other property numbers shall be used or displayed in the city except numbers assigned in accordance with the official numbering map.  The property numbering map shall be kept on file in the office of the city clerk.

(Ord. 50–1999A, Sec. 1)

On the property numbering map, Ohio Street is hereby designated as the north-south axis and Main Street is hereby designed as the east-west axis, and all avenues, streets and alleys running generally north and south shall be numbered from the east-west axis consecutively to the corporate limits of the extremity of such avenue, alley, or street.  Avenues streets or alleys running generally east and west shall be numbered from the north-south axis in the same manner.  Wherever possible,100 numbers shall be allowed to each block so that the number of each consecutive block shall commence with consecutive hundreds and one.  Exceptions may be granted by the city council upon written request.

(Ord. 50–1999A, Sec. 2)

Every property owner of improved property shall, in a conspicuous place display on the property the number assigned.  Such numbers shall be not less than 3 3/4 inches in height and are to be contrasting colors or design so as to be easily read from the street.

(Ord. 50–1999A, Sec. 3)

All residence and business buildings erected after the adoption of this article shall be assigned a number in accordance with the property-numbering map and display such number as provided in section 4-803.

(Ord. 50–1999A, Sec. 4)

It shall be unlawful for any person to alter, deface, or take down any number placed on any property in accordance with this article, except for repair or replacement of such number.

(Ord. 50–1999A, Sec. 5)